Swampside Records released “The Sauce” on June 7, 2024
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©2024 Swampside Records SR 241


1. Little Rhythm and Blues  2:19   (By Bill Wharton)          
2. The Word  2:31      (By Lennon/McCartney)                  
3. Delta 9 Blues  5:16       (By Bill Wharton)             
4. Space Ocean    1:36       (By Bill Wharton)       
5. Down By the Sea    3:45        (By Bill Wharton)  
6. Stop Breaking Down**  2:49      (By Robert Johnson)        
7. Don't Know How to Tell You  3:45   (By Bill Wharton)           
8. I Will Play for Gumbo*  3:26     (By Jimmy Buffett)
9. Lonely Crowd  3:04         (By Bill Wharton)         
10. Gloria*  5:16     ( By Van Morrison)           
11. Little Rhythm and Blues Reprise**  1:09   (By Bill Wharton)         
12. Left Handed Smile*  5:45 (By Bill Wharton)

Bill Wharton Guitar, Vocal & One Man Band
*Damon Fowler Guitar & Lap Steel 
**Neal Goree Guitar 
Brett Crook Drums 

"The Sauce" is a ride from the heights of blues rock to the most intimate of acoustic whisperings.

The disc begins with a set of one-man band tunes, each of which is a prescription for a better life. "Little Rhythm and Blues" is testament to the medicinal  properties of the genre. My take on The Beatles' "The Word" lays it back into a smooth and funky plea for showing some love instead of all this hate that seems to be all around us." Delta 9 Blues", an atmospheric slow blues, touts the benefits of another kind of medicine. The first three tunes set the theme of healing with music in the genre-bending "The Sauce". It's what I do. I cook a pot of gumbo and I feed the audience, while splooging my hot sauce into the pot. I blurr definitions. I ignore boundaries. I make The Sauce.

"Down By the Sea" is solo, Hawaiian-style, on my 1933 National Steel Guitar

Along with my solo/one man band thing, I've lately been hanging in a high energy trio format. (two guitars and drums). The rest of the album is mostly with a trio.  I'm joined by my friends, Neal Goree (guitar) and Brett Crook (drums). My good friend Damon Fowler joins me and Brett on a few tunes. There's also a few ballads (Don't Know How To Tell You, Lonely Crowd, and Left Handed Smile), but it's a soulful delivery throughout. Cure thyself with these 12 tunes. May The Sauce be with you.