Peanuts: "Peanuts" Pre-order ( CD Available Jan 2021)
  • Peanuts: "Peanuts" Pre-order ( CD Available Jan 2021)
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Peanuts... Is my new CD (and Download) featuring my original music from the documentary, Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President. It's a very diverse retrospective with a few new tunes thrown in. All of them were in my score of the movie. Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer before he was president. Though I could never compare myself to a man of his stature, I really relate to him, being from humble beginnings myself. I still have a modest existence and like a little peanut stand beside the road, I have hawked my hot sauce and put out some pretty cool tunes. Cool enough to get "Best Original Score" from the Los Angeles Film Awards. Peanuts can be preordered right now. CD coming in January 2021. Come and get your hot boiled peanuts right here!!!

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Life and Times of Blind Boy Billy (paperback book)
  • Life and Times of Blind Boy Billy (paperback book)
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"The Life and Times of Blind Blind Boy Billy" is a memoir. It's also a songbook (with soundtrack) and a cookbook. Bill Wharton filets the story of his life, smokes it, and sandwiches it between photographs, tunes and recipes. It's the backstory of a life of sharing food and music. It’s also a story of the outlaw grower of fine cannabis, and his brush with the law. The tunes and the recipes follow the story, with the Sauce Boss mixing media like it was cornbread." Price includes shipping to US addresses. We have a limited number of paperback copies of the book. The book is also available worldwide through Amazon, which also sells a Kindle version.

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Four LPs in one package: two from the pre CD era of the 1980's: "Let the Big Dog Eat" (1984) recorded live at Kent's Lounge, "Recipes" (1989)-my first Kingsnake Records LP, "100% Pure"(2015) and "Blind Boy Billy" a 10" EP (2019) on Burning Disk Records. Buy them all and get the complete collection (4) Postage is included to US addresses.

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Recipes CD (1999)
  • Recipes CD (1999)
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US Sales only. Shipping is included in price. (Note this RECIPES CD was produced as a multimedia enhanced CD, with an older version of Quicktime that might not work on current computers, but the music will play on any CD player)

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Who woulda thought that I would have to spend most of this year at home? I really appreciate your generosity to keep me afloat at this time! I look forward to seeing you again on the road, and sharing my gumbo with you, when it is safe for us all to be out and about!

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