Radio Live and Planet Gumbo Rides Again!

Tune in to Radio Live, Thursday October 6 at 6:00 pm (Central time). It’s an acoustic show, and I’m looking forward to playing my Fine Resophonic Steel Guitar and my 000 Cutaway on one of my favorite gigs.  Kipyn Martin,  and The Rough & Tumble will also be on the bill.

Next week I’m taking it all down to Ft. Myers. Everything. Here’s Planet Gumbo Volunteers, BW, Su Ecenia, Ruth Wharton, Sally Morton, Tanya Hollady, and Jeanie Barrett in Mexico Beach after Hurricane Michael. After Katrina Planet Gumbo was in New Orleans and in Buras, Louisiana , where I saw a refrigerator in the top of a tree, twenty feet off the ground. On October 11, I’ll be cookin for the aftermath once more. The gratitude that I have, to be able to do this work is boundless. Your donations to Planet Gumbo make it possible. Thanks to all.

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