"The Sauce" Kickstarter just launched and I need your help in the kitchen!

This new album has been a labor of love, and serendipity. Being engineer and musician was some of the hardest work I've ever done, and then…it just fell into my lap. Ruthie and I recorded most of the tracks at my Swampside Studio. George Harris mixed most of the record at Creative World Recording in St Petersburg. His massive ears are connected right to his heart. He listens with both. We have finished recording and mixing and now we need your help to take it to the streets.  

Here is the link to our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. We have a bunch of cool rewards to thank you for helping. Autographed CDs, vinyl, Mega MP3 Anthology on a flash drive with over 150 tunes, new t-shirts and more. Get them now and help me with the production costs.  Check it out at Kickstarter.  We only have until May 11th to raise the funds.  You know how Kickstarter works.  It's an all or nothing crowd funding platform.  So please help us reach our goal.  Thanks so much! And I hope to see you on our tours this Spring and Summer!  

"The Sauce" is a ride from the heights of blues rock to the most intimate of acoustic whisperings. The disc begins with a set of one man band tunes, each of which is a prescription for a better life. "Little Rhythm and Blues" is testament to the medicinal  properties of the genre. My take on The Beatles' "The Word" lays it back into a smooth and funky plea for showing some love instead of all this hate that seems to be all around us." Delta 9 Blues," an atmospheric slow blues, touts the benefits of another kind of medicine. The three tunes set the theme of healing with music in the genre-bending "The Sauce". It's what I do. I cook a pot of gumbo and I feed the audience, while splooging my hot sauce into the pot. I blur definitions. I ignore boundaries. I make The Sauce. "Down By the Sea" is solo, Hawaiian-style, on my 1933 National Steel Guitar. Do the math. Along with my solo/one man band thing, I've lately been hanging in a trio format. (two guitars and drums).The rest of the album is mostly a trio. I'm joined by Neal Goree and Brett Crook for a few tunes. Also Damon Fowler joins me and Brett on a few tunes. Having Swampside Studios right next to my house has made it so that I could take my time, relax into the groove, and create a space where you  have never been before. Twelve tunes. The panacea for what ails ya. Heal thyself with "The Sauce".

Bill Wharton Guitar, Vocal & One Man Band
Damon Fowler Guitar & Lap Steel 
Neal Goree Guitar 
Brett Crook Drums

Produced by Bill Wharton
Engineers Bill and Ruth Wharton, George Harris, Doug Oady, Rick Ott      
Words and music by Bill Wharton (BMI) except:
“The Word” by Lennon / McCartney, “Stop Breaking Down” by Robert Johnson,
“I Will Play For Gumbo” by Jimmy Buffett, “Gloria” by Van Morrison

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