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“100% Pure” blends the true-life stories with the legends surrounding the outlaw mystique of Bill Wharton, a/k/a The Sauce Boss. The album mixes blues songs with genre-bending selections. Mostly recorded in the one-man band format, “100% Pure” has a very large sound. Plenty of bottom, with a voice begging for mercy, and a slide guitar that crawls out of the swamp like a twelve foot gator.

 1. Zipper Bird 3:30
 2. Marquis De Swamp 3:32 
 3. Gonna Be All Right 3:46 
 4. Chains 2:41 
 5. Delta 9 Blues 4:00 
 6. Peckerwood 3:07
 7. Chicago Combat Zone 3:03 
 8. Cadillac Of A Woman 5:04
 9. Hey Wilbur 2:16 
10. Sun 3:11
11. Song Of The Irish Band 2:10
12. Outlaw Blues 4:47 

Zipper Bird:  This fanfare documents the flight of the Zipper Bird.
Marquis de Swamp: Totally wild and spooky groove.
Gonna Be All Right: I know it’s very dark right now, but the way out of this mess is to take a positive high road.
Chains: Love is a double-edged sword. We hold down the ones we love.
Delta 9 Blues: A little THC is good not only for glaucoma and pain; it also clears the mind of tribulation.
Peckerwood: Way out in Funk country is Peckerwood. Where the grass is all the colors of the rainbow.
Chicago Combat Zone: When I was three years old, I lived on the south side of Chicago. It was pretty scary. My father was beaten with a black jack, and robbed. That was the end of our stay in Chicago. Last year there were over 2,000 shooting victims.       
Cadillac of a Woman: A testament to motherly love
Hey Wilbur: What you tryin’ to do? The answer is, “Groove!”
Sun: Go out and get some sun on your face. It will make you happy.
Song of the Irish Band: Song about songs: how they come to be, and how they give life to people all over the world.
Outlaw Blues: In 1984 (ironic date) I was jailed for cultivating marijuana. Thirty years later, things look like they are “Gonna Be All Right”.

(C) 2014 Burning Disk Records
All songs FCC compliant
Words and Music by Bill Wharton BMI
(p) Peckerwood Publishing BMI
(except “Cadillac of a Woman”: Peckerwood Publishing BMI / DiNatale Christian SACEM)