Live at the Green Parrot (2012) BD 008
After a lifetime of music, travel, and food, over a million 
miles on the road, over 200,000 bowls of gumbo served 
for free, thousands of gigs, tons of hot sauce, over a hundred 
original songs on thirteen albums, scores of free concerts 
at homeless shelters and soup kitchens, after all this . . . 
it’s time for a live album. 

Recorded in November 2011 in Key West, Florida, 
“Live at the Green Parrot” is definitive Sauce Boss. 
It’s edgy, slide guitar, rockin blues grooves, with a large serving
of fun in the Sauce Boss tradition. These songs come straight out 
of the life of a true character, adventurer, raconteur, and poet. 
Come and get it. 

Sauce Boss- Guitar & Vocals 
John Hart – Guitar 
Jassen Wilber – Bass 
Justin Headley – Drums 

Killer Tone: My life story--everything I mention in this song literally happened to me. (Note: this song is on the site wide player)

Smuggler’s Cove: From ancient Florida history (1978), comes this true adventure. (Note: this song is on the site wide player)

Gumbo Recipe: Gumbo is more than a recipe in a cookbook, more than a formula for preparing dinner. Gumbo is many cultures coming together with many different ingredients to make something good and tasty. The okra (gumbo) came from African slaves, the file’ (dried sassafras leaves) came from Native Americans, the French settlers brought the roux. All these different people who lived in Louisiana, took what they brought, grabbed what they had in the garden, and whatever crawled out of the swamp, and mixed it up in a huge communal pot. We could all take a lesson from these people, who live together in harmony like the flavors of the gumbo. 

Lonesome Rider: Anyone who’s ever ridden a bike knows what I mean. 

Chicken in the Gumbo: Sometimes you have to stop what you’re doing and put the chicken in the gumbo. 

What Was I Thinking: Ever ask yourself that question? 

Out In the Night: The spirits in the night will find you if you listen. 

I Can’t Sit Down: I have always had this problem. I cannot sit still. No Way! 

Lucky Charm: Long as I’m holding my lucky charm, I will be just fine. 

Let the Big Dog Eat: This is the Sauce Boss signature tune, featured in Jonathan Demme’s “Something Wild”, on Jimmy Buffet’s compilation “Late Night Menu at the 

Margaritaville Café”, and at Sauce Boss performances for three decades. 

The Goog: Modern day tale about the scary thing living under the bridge. Actually, it’s a techie who knows everything about you. Google has got your number. 

Paco’s Garden: Eulogy to my charismatic friend and neighbor Paco Reed. 

Cathead Biscuit Gospel: Before we serve the gumbo, we say the blessing.