North East Summer 2024 Tour with The Sauce

Headed out this week to spread the word via The Sauce
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6/29/2024    Jimmy Buffett Tribute at Pittsburgh Brewing Company, Creighton PA
6/30/2024    Moondogs, Blawnox PA
7/1/2024      Balloons,  Ellicottville NY
7/7/2024      Beaver House, Lorain    OH
7/9/2024      Planet Gumbo Shelter Show, Youngstown OH
7/10/2024    Apollo Maennerchor Club, Sharon PA
7/12/2024    The 443 Social Club, Syracuse NY
7/13/2024    The Bayou, Mt Vernon    NY
7/16/2024    Planet Gumbo Shelter Show, New York City
7/20/2024    Private show, Alexandria VA
7/27/2024    Skipper's Smokehouse, Tampa FL (with Extra Sauce)



Y'all come and get it. 
Besides the show and our hot sauce and gumbo …we're traveling with new t-shirts, new CDs and new Ultimate Sauce Boss USB drives with 150+ tunes.  



Flavor Treasure, Tallahassee Florida 
1964 W Tennessee St APT 19, Tallahassee, FL 32304  Phone: (850) 421-2799
Take Out Menu:

Once in a while you find a place that's so good that you don't wanna tell anyone for fear that the word will get out and the place will be swamped with “the hungry”, and you can't get a table. Such was the case when I visited Flavor Treasure. But then I realized that this place is too real, too good, too to the point, too unabashedly take-out, to ever become “THE place to be". But for me it was an unforgettable culinary experience.

A neon welcome sign is the only adornment in the whole place.The no frills ambience is a stark contrast to what the kitchen puts out. We don't need no stinking pictures of the Yangtze on the wall to prove that we are authentic! The food sez it all. It's hands down, the best Chinese eats in Tallahassee. No fast food here. When we ordered, they said, It'll be an hour before it's ready. No problem. We did some shopping in the neighborhood and came back to sit at one of the few tables, and watched Liziqi playing on the TV. If you haven't ever watched her YouTube videos, you are in for a treat.  She gardens, and she harvests, and she forages in the forest for wild mushrooms and herbs. Then she cooks everything on a wood fire, and she and her little old Grandma chow down. What a great way to get ready for a bountiful Chinese dinner.

And then…it was awesome. Eggplant cooked in a spicy szechuan style, green beans with ground pork, shrimp and broccoli. WOW!  And at a veeery reasonable price. But wait. It gets better…

I had to share my hot sauce with this guy. He takes it back into the kitchen and gives everyone a taste…  Lit the place up. We were the last customers of the day, so when the staff  sat down to eat, they tried Liquid Summer on their dinner. Then this guy brings a couple of dishes to our table and said, “Ya wanna try some other dishes?” Spooning gobs of delight onto my plate, I was in heaven. And that, my friends, is what I came for. The sacrament of the sharing of food in a space where food is everything. Truly a treasure of flavor.



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