My New Album is Here!

The New Album Is Here! Get it NOW!!!
CDs are ready to ship. LPs will be ready in a few weeks. The release date is Friday, June 7. Here's the week leading up to the release party on Friday:

Today, Tuesday June 4 The radio world premier of of The Sauce will be featured on my granddaughter, Rose Wharton's Radio Show. At 5 pm Eastern, she will play five tunes from the album on V89. Tune in here:

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 5 sometime between 4 and 5:30 PM on WFSU Radio, Interview with Tom Flanigan. Tune in here:

Thursday, June 6 sometime between 6 and 9 pm on WFSU Interview with Tom Flanigan on WFSU Radio. Tune in Here:

Friday June 7 Release Party
Come celebrate with us at the House of Music in Tallahassee, Florida. Music starts at 8 pm. I am bringing some Extra Sauce: Brett Crook and Neal Goree, who play drums and guitar on “The Sauce”.  I just finished a 5000 mile run which has taken me to Louisville, Kansas City, Denver, Albuquerque, Tulsa, Ft Worth, Houston, and points In between. It was a spectacular ride through mountains, deserts, hot springs, fossil beds, and forests. I played some way cool venues for the first time. It was a total blast. But given the devastation my Tallahassee friends have recently experienced, I was always thinking about Tallahassee in the back of my mind. Tallahassee has been good to me for over 60 years. So this Friday I am giving back. I’d like to invite y’all to a party when the Sauce Boss Traveling Gumbo Show returns home. So there will be no cover for the show and of course the gumbo is always served for free. Please join us.



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